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Social Media Marketing & Advertising for Hunting and Fishing Outfitters

Social media is HUGE and will only continue to grow.  People of all ages are using it so why not take advantage of this?

At Outdoor Marketers, we specialize in managing social media for hunting and fishing outfitters on platforms like Instagram & Facebook.  

Since your target audience are people that love fishing or hunting, you want to be consistently posting content that will keep them engaged.

Social media for hunting outfitters
Hunting outfitter social media management

Begin Your Hunting Adventure with Us

It’s very common to hear that a client is curious about social media but has no idea where to start and that generating a lot of followers sounds like an impossible task.

We completely understand that thinking and you are not alone.  But we can solve this issue for you with our hunting and fishing outfitter social media team.

Our team is comprised of outdoor fanatics that know what types of posts generate engagement and lead to booked trips.

When posting on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it’s important to understand the algorithm.  These algorithm’s want to see accounts that post consistently.  Posting once or twice a month isn’t going to cut it.

Our team understands and studies the algorithms of social media platforms to make sure our campaigns satisfy them.  To do this, we will post 3-5 times every single week on your behalf. We will get pictures from you to post on your accounts if you have them, but we have our own high quality content that we can share if you do not.

Why Us?

Affordable Pricing

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People Want to see your content

Whether you believe it or not, people want to see the cool fishing and hunting content you have.  

Your target clients view hunting and fishing as one of the best ways to spend their time.  But since they likely can’t always be doing it, they look to social media and other platforms because it’s the next best option.

It is crucial to give them what they crave and show them the cool stuff you do every day within your outfitter.  The better the content, the more eye balls you’ll get, and the more clients you’ll book every season.

It’s as simple as that. 😎