About Outdoor Marketers

Outdoor Marketers is a full-service digital marketing agency that works exclusively with the outdoor industry, specifically hunting and fishing outfitters.

Outdoor Marketers was founded by Alex Danner.  Alex owns a hunting outfitter called Dannerholz Whitetails, which is based out of Hyndman, PA.  Alex grew up hunting and fishing with his dad and it has become a lifelong obsession.  He has been on hunting trips around the world including Africa three times where he harvested 4 of the Big 5.

Although Alex loves being outdoors and running his outfitter, he has a huge passion for technology and marketing as well.  Alex ran a generic digital marketing agency for many years before deciding to work exclusively for hunting and fishing outfitters.

Alex has had so much success getting new hunters for his own outfitter using digital marketing that he decided to start offering it to other outfitters too. He tests and verifies all methods on his own outfitter before using them with clients.

If you want to work with people that not only understand digital marketing but the outdoor industry too, you’ve come to the right place!

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Hunting and Fishing Outfitters

Our Policy

Our goal is to help hunting outfitters and fishing charters keep their calendars full every year.  

We have zero interest in offering services to businesses that they don’t need and we will always give our honest opinion when giving recommendations, even if that means us not getting the job.

Every outfit is different so we take the time to figure out what you’re looking to accomplish and provide a plan to get you there.

We believe in going the extra mile to provide the best possible service to our clients.  We don’t take shortcuts and we always make sure our work is perfect before putting it online.  

We know that creating and maintaining a strong brand in the outdoor industry is an extremely difficult task, so we treat our client’s brands as our own and use the same amount of detail and care that’s required.