Pay Per Click

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) for Hunting and Fishing Outfitters

If you want fast results, Pay-Per-Click is the way to go.  We primarily use Google Ads to handle our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and they are very effective for bringing in new clients.

Using PPC, you will pay Google to rank for the keywords you’re targeting.  So if you want to book more mountain lion hunts for the coming season, you can turn on Google Ads until you book the amount of hunts you’re looking for.

The key with PPC is it’s just about instant.  You can pay Google to rank and you’ll start showing up at the top of Google for as long as you pay them.  However, once you stop, you will be removed from Google until you start paying again.  For long term results that last, SEO is the way to go.

Utilizing PPC can be very effective for outfitters that are just looking to run ads and rank on Google until they fill their calendar, then they can turn it off.

SEO Services for Hunting & Outfitters

Why Should You Use Google Ads?

Quick Results

Unlike SEO, you can start ranking on Google as soon as you start paying Google. It can take 6-9 months to rank on Google organically using SEO, but with Google Ads, it's almost instant. So if you want a great way to bring in new hunters without making the commitment to SEO, Google Ads is a great choice.

Google's Massive Reach

Google owns over 92% of the search engine market. There are 5.6 billion searches every day. And more and more outdoorsman will continue to use Google to find new exciting trips. As an example, people search "Colorado elk hunting outfitters" 2,000 times every month.

Affordable CPC

Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is the amount you pay every time someone clicks your ad on Google. With hunting and fishing outfitters, the CPC is much lower compared to other niches. For just about every keyword you want to rank for, it should cost you under $1 per click.

Harness Intent

If someone goes to Google and types in "Texas deer hunting outfitters," they are likely looking for an outfitter that they can book with at some point. This is so important because if you're running ads on social media, most will not want to be advertised to and it's a longer sales process. But if they're going to Google, they are looking for a solution to something.

Why Outdoor Marketers is the Choice for Hunting Outfitters

Affordable Pricing
Brand Relevance
Auditing & Reporting

Our PPC Process

Step 1
Onboarding Call

Here we will have a call with you and ask a series of questions about your outfitter and what your goals are.  We want to make sure we create a PPC strategy that will help you reach these goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Examples of information we get are: animals/fish you want to book trips for, cost of trips, number of trips you want to book, when the trips will be, and more!

Step 2
Create a Strategy

Once we know what you're looking to sell, we will start creating the Google Ads campaign(s). Depending on the variety of hunts/trips you're looking to book, it may require multiple campaigns.

Step 3
Develop Landing Pages

We create separate landing pages on your website that are designed specifically for conversions. Through our many years of experience, we know what content and page elements should be on a website to increase the likelihood of conversions. Using a separate landing page also allows us to design the page to look its best. Sometimes, if working with an older website, we won't be able to properly format it the way we know that will attract the most eyeballs.

Step 4
Launch Campaign + Monitor

Once the campaign(s) are optimized and ready to do, we will launch them and apply the budget you're comfortable working with. From there, we will continuously monitor the campaign and update it to decrease the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) cost so you can get conversions for cheaper. Your leads will start to generate shortly after and get sent directly to you 😎.

We Run Google Ads Exclusively For Hunting & Fishing Outfitters

Outdoor Marketers works exclusively with hunting and fishing outfitters.  Our employees are dedicated outdoor fanatics that specialize in lead generation for outfitters.

So if you’re looking to bring in more clients, choose the marketing agency that knows the lingo and know what is takes to get the job done right.

We have been doing this for a long time and have proven results in the industry.

Want to hear from a past client?  Check out our case study.