SEO for Hunting and Fishing Outfitters

First things first…what does SEO even stand for?  It stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is process of improving and optimizing your website so it shows at the top of Google and other search engines when people are looking for a product or service you offer.  

An example would be a elk hunting outfitter in Colorado that wants to rank for “Colorado elk hunting outfitters” on Google.  This is searched thousands of times every month so if you’re ranking #1 for this, you’re going to get a TON of new hunters.

This is the true power of SEO.  When we work with clients, we figure out what keywords people are searching on Google every month, and then optimize your website to rank for these keywords and bring new clients to your website.

With a properly developed and executed SEO strategy, you will never have to worry about finding new clients to book with your outfitter again.

SEO Services for Hunting & Outfitters
SEO hunting and fishing outfitters

Do you really need SEO?

If you’re wondering if SEO makes sense for your hunting or fishing outfitter, you came to the right place.  We have zero interest in offering a service if it’s not needed, so we’ll give it to you straight.

SEO is an extremely powerful tool that can help outfitters that would fall into one or more of the below categories:

  1. Looking to book more hunting or fishing trips
  2. Looking for higher quality and higher paying clients
  3. Tired of paying for and going to outdoor shows to book clients
  4. Looking for an easier way to book your calendar every season
  5. Looking to grow your outfitter

That’s it.  If you have more clients than you can handle every year and have never had a single issue with keeping your calendar full, then SEO likely isn’t for you.  However, if you would like more clients or are worried about future years if your repeats stop coming, SEO is a great solution.

Once SEO is properly implemented on your website, you will never have to worry about getting new potential clients to reach out ever again.

What's Included With SEO?

Optimized Content

Content is one of the most important pieces of SEO. Google likes to see great content that is optimized properly so their algorithm can understand it. Our team of writers takes care of this for you and since we are outdoor fanatics, we know how to talk the talk.

Website Updates

With SEO, it is often required to create new pages on the website for keywords we want to rank you for. When we do this, we let our expert web designers create amazing looking pages that keep users engaged.

Link Building

Link building is the practice of building hyperlinks (also known as “backlinks”) to a website in order to increase the authority and search engine rankings. This process is essential to ranking high on Google but don't worry, we take care of this and only get backlinks from trustworthy websites.

Custom Pics

When we create new pages on your website for SEO, we always need to include high-res pictures as well. For this, we have high quality images we can use or you can provide your own, which is even better.

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